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Our Story

With the rise of the Coronavirus in 2020, Countries world-wide are working hard to prevent diseases and further outbreaks; budgets and medical systems have been stretched to the limit, highlighting the need to build more resilient preventive care systems and ecosystems.

Though telehealth is not a new practice, most African countries have limited basic infrastructure, inadequate healthcare providers, and limited resources to invest in telehealth services; but countries must move from treating chronic diseases, to utilizing the primary care approach to prevent diseases.

Health care providers are now at increased risk of occupational exposure while delivering face to face patient care; to reduce the risks of provider infections and deaths, there is an urgent need for countries to consider the use of telehealth.

The use of mobile devices for the delivery of patient care services has proven effective in the Western world in providing convenient access to routine healthcare services, without the risk of exposure for patients or healthcare providers. In 2017 the WHO Global Health Workforce Statistics reported 0.234 doctors for every 1,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa: 1.213 hospital beds for every 1,000 people, & 0.986 nurses and midwives for every 1,000 people.

With these statistics, the need for preventive care cannot be overemphasized. The Center for Healthcare Research, Education & Innovation partnered with Tuma Consultants Inc. to embark on the development of a digital health platform, trademarked ownUrHealth™ to assist healthcare providers easily manage patient care using telehealth & telemedicine to increase access to, and utilization of healthcare services, thereby improving healthcare outcomes. Utilization of services is critical to the prevention of non-communicable, communicable & chronic diseases.

WHO recommends 5 healthcare visits per person per year, in 2018, Liberia reported approximately 1 visit per person yearly (SARA 2018). The use of telehealth allows the provision of remote clinical care, healthcare information sharing and education, patient counseling and consultation using telecommunications tools to connect with patients in different locations via real-time audio and video.

These strategies, when combined, are poised to improve preventive care in Africa; annual check-ups, immunizations, tests, and screenings all contribute to the prevention of diseases and can save lives.

About Us

ownUrHealth™ is a digital healthcare platform operated by The Center for Healthcare Education, Research & Innovation (C.H.E.R.I.), working to increase access to healthcare services & improve healthcare outcomes.

Our values: Accountability, Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence

Platform Overview

All Your health data in one place, your phone

  • Lab results
  • Health Record
  • Vital signs trends
  • Medical History

E - Visits

Seeing a doctor is now easy; all you have to do is download our app and book your virtual appointments at your convenience…. begin your healthcare journey with us.

  • Annual health care check ups
  • Health Screenings
  • 24/7 Virtual Care
  • Easy Prescription and 1hr Drug Delivery

The ownUrHealth™ app is a HIPPA approved mobile telemedicine platform that provides healthcare providers with the ability to treat patients remotely via a video chat. Telemedicine makes it easy for doctors to expand their practice by reaching more patients, at times convenient to their schedules.

Additionally, patients can connect with their providers more frequently and conveniently, building a stronger doctor to patient relationship, thereby improving compliance to care plans and health outcomes.

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With e-visits, e-pharmacies & e-diagnostics, we are hopeful that the successful implementation of telemedicine in Liberia will serve as a springboard for implementation in other sub-Saharan countries, linking providers to their patients by providing this innovative tool, thereby reducing emergency room visits and helping clients stay healthy. Through our digital surveys we will collect information on patients’ preferences for healthcare tools and service, for the development or deployment of new or improved healthcare products.

This app is poised to become the first telehealth app to transform how users in Liberia access healthcare; fast, easy and at their fingertips, through e-visits. The goal is to connect users virtually with professional specialists with expansive clinical expertise locally and internationally, making it easy for users in rural and underserved regions of Liberia, and subsequently sub-Sahara Africa to access quality patient care. We will provide expert care from qualified staff by monitoring adverse health trends and intervening before adverse situations occur, thus preventing delays in care and improving outcomes. We will partner with providers to measure clinical outcomes and share data on the value of telemedicine to the health outcomes.

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At ownUrHealth we believe in aligning to improve healthcare outcomes; when we combine skills & knowledge, we change lives……


  • We take responsibility for our actions and are accountable to our clients; we believe that our success depends on their satisfaction.


  • Integrity is key; our reputation is built on consistent adherence to systems, principles, and best practice.


  • We collaborate to innovate and elevate.


  • We believe that these core values propel us to excellence.

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